PAWSQUAD Welcome Course

We're SUPER EXCITED you are here & we can't wait to get to know you better! This fun-filled intro course shares our program basics. Join TODAY to start charging your PAWTECTOR Super-Hero Powers to make a difference in the lives of animals.

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Your SUPER-HERO Course Topics for February 2022 :

* Welcome Course included with first month's subscription. * Monthly subscribers have access to a MEMBERS-ONLY PAWSQUAD Bonus Library featuring weekly additions of surprise activities & additional FUN FACTS, Tales, Tips & Trivia

  • Week 1 - "Change A Pet's Life"

  • Week 2 - "Responsible Pet Ownership"

  • Week 3 - National "World Cat Day" Curriculum

  • Week 4 - National "Justice for Animals" Week

  • (BONUS Week!) - "Poison Prevention/Home Safety for Pets

  • 100% of all profits from PAWSQUAD monthly memberships, drop-in courses & special events go to HOMELESS ANIMALS!

PAWTECTOR Professor of the Week

(Our instructors will vary each week to provide the maximum enrichment experience for your PAWTECTOR.)

Director of Programs/Social Media

Kirsten Johnson

Kirsten is the co-creator of and a social media manager who loves to use her skills to help further the mission of animal rescue and youth humane education. She is a certified preschool educator and loves working with children!

Program Preview

Weekly SUPER-HERO Course Include:

New topics weekly, every month ** Self-paced ** Age appropriate content ** Parent/guardian involvement encouraged ** Safe, private learning environment ** No direct contact among participants ** Participation with pets/stuffed animals optional ** All Learning Abilities welcome! ** Fun Rewards for completion of Activity Blocks

  • Weekly Themed Instructional Video

  • Weekly Activity Matching the Theme

  • Flash Cards with Lesson Highlights

  • Fun-filled Activity Worksheet (printable)

  • Compassion/Kindness Mindfulness Activity

  • Fun Quiz to Test Super-Powers Learned

  • Weekly Certificate of Completion

SHHH! SUPER-HERO *secret* weekly bonus material ...

As our thank-you, we are going to give you the following each week:

  • Bonus #1

    Member features of current Pawtectors to inspire others to do good deeds! FREE PAWSQUAD swag & other incentives will sometimes be gifted as a SUPER-HERO thank you SHOUT-OUT!

  • Bonus #2

    WOOHOO! Weekly Super-Hero contests with cool incentives. You've got to BE IN IT to WIN IT! Your PAWTECTOR(s) will LOVE what the weekly surprises we have in store for them!

  • Bonus #3

    Merchandise/Special Activity Discounts, Monthly Meet & Greet/Show & Tell sessions with Special Guest Bonus Instructors.

Compassion for Animals + Compassion for People = Compassion for ALL!

The Pawtectors Program is perfect for individuals, families, youth groups, school programs & animal rescues alike!

The life-long benefits of being a SUPER-HERO PAWTECTOR to your child ...

  • Inspire Life-Long Compassion

    Compassion for Animals = Compassion for Humans = Compassion for All! PAWTECTORS offers year-round opportunities for your animal loving child(ren) to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

  • Develop Life-Long Giving Back Skills

    PAWTECTORS introduces youth to the concept of "paying it forward". Skills that will carry into adulthood. Learning to give from the heart out of kindness & compassion is just one of many benefits of PAWTECTORS.

  • Make A Difference In Your Community

    Collective voices, no matter how soft, speak volumes when amplified together. Your PAWTECTOR SUPER-HERO membership is valid for ONE YEAR. You'll receive monthly discounts for merch & programs.


  • Do I have to own a pet to sign up for the program?

    Pet ownership is not required, just a BIG heart & LOVE of animals. Stuffed animals are welcome, too! We do teach responsible pet ownership as part of the Pawtectors Program. This provides the basic fundamentals of animal care & compassion for current pet owners, as well as future pet owners. Adult/guardian supervision is required for any optional animal interaction with our Pawsquad members.

  • Do I have to start the program at the beginning of the month?

    Great question!! Our self-paced program is designed with a new themed course every week. Special guest events will be scheduled for the 3rd weekend of the month to allow participation by all Pawsquad members who have signed up for the month.

  • What is Pennies4PAWtectorS?

    The Pawtectors Program is designed to make a difference for homeless animals on many levels. Pennies4PAWtectorS is an OPTIONAL year-round fundraising activity for our PAWSQUAD members. It's simply collecting spare change from community businesses, organizations, school groups, etc. Collected monies are then donated to local rescues to help with the care of their adorable adoptables waiting to find their FUREVER home, or to our #YouAreNotFURgotten compassion fund.

  • What is the Pawtectors' "YouAreNotFURgotten" Compassion Fund?

    Pawtectors wants to teach children that THEIR voices CAN make a difference. The YouAreNotFURgotten Compassion Campaign fund is a signature charity fund designed to help animals in need. At the start of each month, the PAWSQUAD members will SUGGEST & VOTE on what the compassion fund will donate monies to for that month.

  • Can I volunteer for the Pawtectors Program?

    We strive to offer the most robust, well-rounded year-round educational experience for our PAWSQUAD members. We are always looking for Guest Instructors who would like to share their passion for helping animals & inspiring animal compassion. You can be a animal-centric business, rescue, school, author, celebrity, athlete, school group, organization....obviously the list is endless. Because of the age of our PAWSQUAD members, we exercise the right to refuse things that would not be a good fit for our program. Reach out to us on the PAWTECTORS main website with your ideas & suggestions. We can't wait to hear from you.

  • Is there a program price difference for multiple children in a family?

    At this time our Pawtectors Program is a flat monthly fee per household. We are working on a tier-pricing level. This will provide PAWSQUAD members looking for a bit more immersion that opportunity. Stay tuned!

  • How safe it the online learning platform?

    Our membership site is created on the THINKIFIC platform. There are no chat rooms, no messaging/interaction between PAWSQUAD members or their parents/guardians. Members cannot POST anything directly to the site. All content & course curriculum is provided directly by the PAWSQUAD team.

  • Are there Pawtector in-person events & activities?

    All of our learning & activities are on-line. There will be times we have activity worksheets giving lists of things to do outside the home. These will be optional & done individually (as a family) with parent/guardian supervision at your discretion.

  • Can we create a group of PAWSQUAD members in our neighborhood?

    Because the safety of our young members is our top priority, we do NOT allow any group or community gatherings off-line under the name of the Pawtectors Program or PAWSQUAD members. PAWSQUAD members CAN participate in individual PAWTECTORS approved activities like lemonade stands, blanket/toy/food drives for rescues, etc. with written approval from the PAWSQUAD team 30 days prior to the event.