Our Super-Hero Pawsquad lessons provide/meet MULTIPLE weekly homeschooling requirements.

Our monthly lessons (missions) can include: Reading, Writing, Art, Geography, Community Service, Health/Well-Being plus others!

Our PawSquad members learn Valuable LIFE SKILLS = compassion, volunteering, giving back, making a positive difference

JOIN THE PAWTECTORS - A Year-Round Super Hero Program That Helps Save Animals. ** Only $29.95/month per family

Designed for Ages 9-12, but Open to All Youth 5-17!

Join us each month for exciting animal adventures & learning lessons, virtual field trips, activities, community service opportunities and a whole lot more! *** ONLY $29.95 PER FAMILY, not child! *** 100% of profits go to help homeless animals. *** FOR A LIMITED TIME - Try Pawtectors for FREE for 14 days!